Saturday, May 10, 2008

The other part of that week...


Slept late. The Salvation Army came by to pick up Penni's old giant wooden entertainment center. Penni was gone all day with her parents. Picked up part of a mother's day gift.'d the new filter CD Iso far it's not great). Went to chuck's. Played with chuck's remote control bat thing. We talked and ate sushi. He is serious about moving to Japan. He is having an Ebay-athon, donated some board games to penni's old folks and a 2x12 mini bass cabinet to Rita's gift. Chuck is awesome. I returned home to watch Naruto and take the dog out. there was a weird chick standing in this dark shelter by my parking lot. I tried to call penni to warn her about her, but Penni would not pick up her phone, i was pretty worried.


worked. Explained the claim balancing process to some outside facility billers with my boss, they seemed pumped about printing report to the open source PDFcreator and then running a monarch model on them. I picked a new door badge at CMC. i bought qboda for Penni. i watched death note, shin chan and the squidbillies, i worked on Penni's dad's laptop and crashed early


Practice Penni called and asked me to come home because there was a tornado warning, (It's good idea to drive around during a tornado warning???) finished Scott's Pedal board.


Got a yearly evaluation, it was OK. My boss wants me to do something with bostonworkstation application. I need to request another PC for the Run Time version so i won't tie up the server with development stuff. Talk with our Billing sysadmin about setting up a sql server database to write a small claims letter/mail merge checklist application to. Worked all night assembling Scott's pedal board during practice.

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