Saturday, May 24, 2008

"We will run straight to the murder" <3

Went to Izzy's for breakfast. Fed Chuck's cats and went grocery shopping. emailed a CPCC programming teacher about microsoft IDEs in the online C++ class. he probabily will not write back. watched Naruto. then took a long work with penni.

Bought the previous Norma Jean album , "O God The After Math" online. The new newest CD "The Redeemer" was 10 times better. I liked the band before I knew they were Christian. If i knew that before i probably would not like them. the lyric are not all gay and bible thumping. the singer has that scared-hurt-hardcore scream like Rollins not a pissed-off-tuff-guy scream like that retard from Pantera. oh well. I like a Christian band, wonder never cease.

posted this bug for file roller:

Go team.

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