Saturday, May 3, 2008

"So.... Do you play any sports? you look athletic", asks the elderly man.


I woke up and watched Sweeney Todd, it was pretty dark, with lots of murder, fake ninja sword throat blood and lots of singing. it was OK, Penni loved it. went with Penni to a chiropractor visit, the doctor is a drummer and we talked for a while. We returned and watched death note, squid billies and shin chan and assy mcgee, we then went to dinner at a mexican restaurant with Penni's family and some out of town realitives. we returned and watched naruto, wow, in review, today i was a freakin' lazy slob.


Took a long lunch to use flextime covering the sysadmin chair. Picked up a few comic books. The guy who wrote "SCUD" is back in action. SWEET!!! Penni and I went to the Circa Survive show with Neil, Chuck and Anna. it was OK, I pictured the circa drum using more cymbal but he had the standard 2 crash setup. The singer used a funny fake eyeball in his stage wrap. we all went to Skyland and laughed a lot. we got home at 2am.

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