Friday, January 11, 2008

pants me?


Slept late, Returned the Tux and canceled my Y membership.

Ate at Ruby Tuesday's with Penni. when to the grocery store to pick up milk and cookies. i did not have my belt and my pant to kind of loose from losing my weight so Penni tried to pants me in the middle of the grocery store. I owe her one. >:(

Rented and watched the movie Open Season. It could have been worse. Paul Westerbury did a few mediocre songs in it. i remember have a one of his tapes back in Statesville.

After the movie, i hacked a Debian SVG wallpaper and posted the edit on and

I put my old 18" steel floor tom on eBay and it has already shot up to 200 bucks =)


Penni woke up and left early for a dentist appointment and a massage. I slept in and worked on a Blender tutorial most of the day. it was on sculpting a monster head out of a sphere. it was actually pretty easy. The commands/button-labels are the same an artist work do if he were molding a clay sculpture. "Add" adds material, "grab" pulls and stretched the material. Yup, "pitch" "smooth" and "subtract" all work the way you'd think they should. I wish the materials, rendering and key frame function were that simple. I am starting to like blender a lot. Perhaps there are 3d clockcrew movies in the future for me? Perhaps a stabbing?...

I went to practice early to replace my snare head and work on getting my drum trigger voices straight. Scott's vocals were not at 100% due to some serious dental work, Poor dude. (Pro-teeth!) My wedding band cause a big painful blood blister to form my right hand. it busted and was pretty nasty looking. the band was grossed out. I stuck some of the bloody surgical tape of the practice space wall. Walka-walka walka!!!1

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