Tuesday, January 22, 2008

MLK day.


MLK day.

He was a Nobel peace prize winner did you know that? I remember reading his letter To Church Leaders from an Alabama Jail Cell in school and thinking man, if I was him, I would be cursing the letter,You call yourself Christians???...just watching us get attacked by police dog and Cops with Riot Gear???Im ordering my followers to burn all of your houses down, you jerks! He was a bigger person that me.

Today I sent Penni flowers, Left work early, took a nap before Penni got home, when to practice at 8pm, through a few drum sticks at Philip in the middle of Battle music, fun fun fun.., I got home at midnight. I showered then posted a question in the blender forums about my inability to scrub audio to sync with object movement crashed around 2am.

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