Thursday, January 17, 2008

and/or suck less (bastards sped up "awakening")


Back to work. my email was not too out of control. The new sysadmin and homie in reporting kept the building from destroying itself. Go team. My bosses' bosses' boss email me about a PC issue and i am scheduled to visit Belmont and set up a bell south wireless network and reinstall a printer.

Went to practice. it was freezing. listened to the cardigans , " First band on the moon" album on the way there. My Drum trigger rig puked on me before the first song. It is just too complex for quick on stage debugging. a drum module running into a Roland 202 sampler running in a Behringer multi effects processor running into a AB box as a on/off switch running into a 1000 watt power amp running into a PA wedge speaker. I am ridiculous.

i need to the sampler for the French lady dialog on "strength"and at least two drum triggers for the veg-med song and "Burgundy". i should re-sample the French dialog louder and buy a drum module with built in effects. (and/or suck less)

The bastards in the band sped up "awakening". Now the left handed snare triplet is too fast and thus weak. They said they think it sounds better faster but they would play it slower if i wanted. Great... but i know how bands speed up when they are on stage and the adrenaline starts flowing. So screw it i am rewriting the drum lines. After practice i worked on anchoring the fast version, playing loops, skipping a food run and alienated myself from all the practice band's practice buddies. The cardigans would understand.

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