Monday, January 14, 2008

blender shape keys, Skyland and bitmap skinning.


Penni had to work, so i slept late and laid around drinking coffee, working on blender stuff. i think i have mastered "shape tweening" in blender. basically have to set a standard shapes to shape keys and fade the "strength of the shapes in and out. when to practice at 6pm we quit early for some reason and ate dinner at Skyland. after Penni crashed i watched a Kat Williams special while working on blender bitmap skinning.


Slept late ate lunch at chili's returned the purple LP guiro block i bought (what was i thinking?) then penni napped and i worked on blender stuff. at 6pm we went to our friends Chuck and Anna's house. we talked for a while and ate at sushi 101. They have a Wii and we played for about 2 hours Wii boxing was weird, it felt slow. Penni liked the tennis, we all had a gay ol' time.

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