Friday, January 18, 2008

mood: fake and spiteful


ate lunch at Miguel's with kursty and dana. We talked about the misfit song "last caress" for some reason, funny. I bought Penni some chicken and French fries from Harris teeter. I went to practice got back around 10, my hands hurt from drums. Penni was watching to catch a predator. god i hate that show. I had ear buds in and Penni yanked one out to tell me something and it hurt, She laughed. skull thunder bolt dagger storm cloud. = (


2 hour snow delay, went to my bosses' bosses' boss's house to fix her PC and set she kid up with a DSL wireless network. i have not been paid yet i have to finish the job and buy and install a cheap audio card. bought some chips and salsa. soo tired.

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