Sunday, January 20, 2008

Snowing when we eat a turkeyburger at Ruby tuesdays


Penni has to work, i got to sleep in. Worked on Blender tutorial, I worked out an easy way to add colors to specific areas of a mesh, you have to first create and name a vertex group and then assign a color to it. I am having issue with hearing the sound while trying to scrub/sync sound with keyframes. I don't think I will ever be calm and at peace. I will always find some sadist hobbie to make myself crazy. Make Cartoons In Linux will all open source software on a old 1.8ghz Thinkpad? that sounds like awesome fun! When Penni came home, we when to ruby Tuesdays for food. We talked about what would make a funny short 3d cartoon. She said something really funny and i will try to base the short on it, if i can ever master the blender app. While we were in the restaurant it started snowing , Penni was way too excited but very cute. we got home and she took a nap and i worked on more blender stuff and watched Naruto, Death note, Blood, a Louis Black stand up special and Big O, I forgot how sad and depressing the soundtrack for Big O is, it's not bad. crashed at 4am.

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