Saturday, January 26, 2008

Rita's Gift CD art & mom's psychotic reaction to a Prednisone shot


Left work early PTO for exchanging Wedding gifts and a dentist visit. I received a Voice mail in the Middle of Target from my dad saying my mom had a bad psychotic reaction to a Prednisone shot and was in the Hospital. I call Dana and he gets me the hospital phone number and i call the room. i talk with dad, mom and Traci get a clearer picture of how she is. i work up a plan to visit her tonight, after the dentist and an early practice. (what?! she was being token care of, she was fine, i am not a heartless jerk, for practice before seeing my mom in the hospital) i picked Penni up and we drove to statesville. Penni drove there and back she said i was too freaked out to drive safely but i thought i was fine. It was nice of her to do it though. I got there around 8:30 and visited until 11pm. mom was in a hospital bed with an IV in. she was sedated, a little confused, and very talkative. Dad looked really tired. I must have really scared him when mom started shouting and flipping out at home.


Had a funny conversation with with the lunch crew about not been able to smell and Kursty's claims that baby pooh smells good. Penni went home sick early. i looked for the movie welcome to the Doll House and antibody's for Penni but two blockbuster did not have it. i picked up the cd cover stickers then burned and labeled CDs all night Rita's Gift cds to give away at the milestone show.


Lunch with Miss A. I drew up a Rita's Gift Free CD cover. dropped it off with Scott and then met with Phillip for practice. got out of practice around midnight.


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