Saturday, January 5, 2008

I have lost 39 pounds in 3 months with disdain!


Penni has to work all day, I woke up at noon. I weighed 187 pounds this morning. That is a total of 39 pound lost. (226 - 187 G
o me!)

I loaded missing MP3s on my new ipod all day, ate junk and had roughly 11 cups of coffee.


My friends
disappoint me again I though theyd do a big Friday lunch for me before my week and a half off but I got nothing. =..( Went to practice, stumbled in the drum set and cut my back, penni put medicine on it when i got home.


CresceNet said...

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Schaber said...

Hey Brian,

39 lbs on the Disdain diet! I once lost 50 lbs on the start smoking diet, then I quit again and gained 60 lbs on the quit smoking plan. Are you guys going on a honeymoon once you are married? Did you know that caffiene is a diuretic. That means that it dehydrates you. Make sure you drink alot of water, or you'll feel like ultra crap all the time. Then you'll need more cafiene, then eventually you'll need new kidneys! Weeeeee!!!

bgryderclock said...

we have no big honeymoon plans we are just going to lay around and sleep and be happy lazy bums. =)

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