Friday, April 10, 2009

The BlockInput Function, Mupen64Plus/TetrisSphere, ReactOS, Blender, Java homework and VBA lessons for Chuck.

April 10th Friday

Good Friday; I had the day off. I slept until noon, showered, cleaned up the living room a little and went to get lunch with Chuck. We went to his place and i gave him a three hour lesson on VBA in Excel and Word. Later I went to the wine shop and the grocery store for Penni. It was raining and thundering all night while Penni napped on the couch. I am the luckiest guy in the world.

April 9th Thursday

Penni visited me for lunch. We went to Arby's with Miss A. I found a simple API call called BlockInput that disables a user's mouse and keyboard, it is awesome. When the STAR data finally arrives and I can start scripting, I am going to kick so much ass. I covered the afternoon billing when the system Administrator was in a another meeting with an SSI Rep. I worked with the Server Admin guy on test config script for IE . The power for the building flickered off for a few seconds, Surprisingly no PCs died. I ate lunch with the System Administrator at Miguel's. After work I went to practice and recorded the first part of redemption dot txt. Scott brought Jessica, They are a cute couple.

April 8th Wednesday

I ran the ATB database import and rebuild the Small Claim import function and showed a print out of the fields to the Legal department's power user. I covered the afternoon billing when the system Administrator was in a meeting with an SSI Rep. I called off practice because I was still sick and constantly coughing.

April 7th Tuesday

Sick; sore throat, snotty, weak and achy all day... awesome. I went to work but left early and napped on the couch all evening. Penni cooked for me and brought me orange juice. I submitted more java homework and install a Nintendo 64 emulator called Mupen64Plus and Tetrisphere. Later that night, I ran Penni out of bed with my constant coughing. I felt terrible.

April 6th Monday

I walked a lap during lunch. Later at home, I tried some microwave Veggie sausage stuff. Penni said it smelled terrible, It was weird, not sausage-like at all, but it was pretty good. Penni ordered some doggy weights for Logan. No practice today, Scott was getting another root canal. I added content to the blender page on the help.Ubuntu wiki. My mom called and invited us to Easter lunch next the weekend. Penni was sleeping. She sat up and asked for a peanut butter sandwich. I fixed her one, she ate it and went back to sleep. Later she woke up and asked "Why is there a napkin with peanut butter on the coffee table?". Sleep eating. Ha!

April 5th Sunday

Penni went out to eat lunch with an old friend from her work and then went for a walk with her buddy from Twitter. I stayed home and worked on Java all day. I went to practice, Scott was late, we mixed some new recording stuff.

April 4th Saturday

Penni and I went to guitar center. I bought a clamp on tambourine snare thingy with an old gift certificate. We ate lunch at cheesecake factory. I worked on blender skinning all evening. It is pretty intense, i have not mastered it yet. Penni and her twitter friends were closely monitoring the missile/rocket launching in North Korea. I crashed at 2am.

April 3rd Friday

There was an issue with the server that my Outlook was set up on. It was messed up all day. My Boss wanted everyone in the department to fill out a spreadsheet, taking inventory of all the STAR files that our automated processing and databases use. I walked a lap during lunch. My department went to a meet and greet the the new members of the SSI document imagining team. I talked to a Server Admin guy about the weird error that the synapse Startup script causes with my database ADO connectivity. After work I order a pizza for dinner. I checked out QT builder for Linux by Nokia and the open source "clean floor reversed engineered" windows-based project ReactOS. I hopped on a ClockCrew Collab for CorpseGrinderClock and worked on it to 5am.

April 2th Thursday

After work I went to practice. I played hard and my arms were killing me. A big piece of Scott's molar broke off. He was in pain all night. After practice, Penni fixed me a chicken sandwich. I love her so much. I showered, paid my taxes from the scary letter from the gov'ment and crashed early.

April 1st Wednesday

My boss is back from his vacation. His PC still has not been repaired and returned. I met with the supervisor and a Power user for corporate billing department. I needed more STAR fields to complete the automation. I met with my Boss to discuss a few new projects that popped up while he was out. I ate lunch at showmars with the usual crew. I went to practice early and worked up a sweat playing along to the KMFDM Adios album. (Paradilles to Industr/Techno... Try it!) Scott was late. We ran through the set without vocals. It went surprisingly well.

Apr 31st Tuesday

I talked with the corporate billing department's supervisor and scheduled training with their Power User for my STAR scripting project. I worked on a few tutorials from the cheap API books I bought online. I found an EXE file on the book's CD that returns all the API functions installed on my local PC. I walked a lap at lunch. I helped with a rough CCSM install. Am I crazy or was the password was not all caps a month ago?

Mar 30th Monday

I worked on the Dialysis Error Automation Database import function all day. I sat up Avery Wizard on a co worker's PC and added editable fields on another co worker's PDF form. I ate lunch with my homie Miss A. My Coworkers saw Jashby at the local Salsaritas. I walked a lap during lunch. when I got home I took a short nap, worked on re-familiarizing myself with blender and ate a giant salad.

March 29th Sunday

I slept late and went with Penni to Izzy's for breakfast/lunch. Penni went out to the park and walked with her friend from Twitter. I worked on JAVA Turningcraft labs all day. There are only twenty more to do. There was some confusion and I missed practice, thinking Scott was busy. We watched American dad, family guy and the new Simpson's.


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