Thursday, March 22, 2007

2007 March 22nd - Thurday

Kursty's husband Good John lost his start bar on his Windoze XPee installation. i print out an MS support doc out him at work. poor guy, Linux > Xpee!

- I'm down to 212.5 lbs. Ten more to go. you can do it Fatboi.

- Completed setting up the electronic practice kit need to to Google ans download the Alesis D4 manual again to re-learn how to setup the Hi-hat controller.

I drilled a hole in the cheap sustain pedal i was using as a hi-hat pedal and pierced it right in the Hi-hat stand to clutch with the hi-hat rod, it worked great. Ii am awesome. Kiss myself, good god, huh!

- listened to the Fran Hammer songs a million times. playing along. while my Penni -Pooh was visiting a friend.

- took a break. ate a sandwich and watch MythBusters with Penni,<3

- Penni went to sleep and i grabbed my practice pad and metronomed my left hand off. this is sadist part on drummer, correct grip and paraddels, painful jock-ish drills:

"Give me a 5 minute long 140bpm 8th note roll , move it you maggot!"

I think I'm over thinking this whole thing, but that is my whole thing, analyzing the joy and surprise out of the world. I hope don't F up too bad. : /

SoupClock messaged me yesterday, good old Soup, I remember him, Bio, Golden, FrogBag and whole gang, god bless'em...

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