Wednesday, March 28, 2007

2007 March 28th - Wednesday

The Fran Hammer audition went well yesterday. everyone was totally nice. I sped up "the monitor". I need to work on that. They invited me back Tuesday. R0x0rz.

Worked on the portal database all day. I got the values for the Address text file reading in. I'm working on the insurance text file now, 2 file and the User form. I am approximately 15% thought "the poop"

I Linux MMS'ed up the Creepy Low Rider song. I want to send it to the FH guys as a song idea, but being the new guy it may be too soon to push ideas :/

Penni topped off the high scores on tomatoes , pushed my high score right off the board. I had to replay and get back on 5th place. penni is at 448, i'm at 404 .

Setting in 3 interviews for support analysts. This is a first.

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