Sunday, January 18, 2009

Coffeemaker burnt out, 45 minutes late for family dinner, Java classes, Replacement AKEA coffee table arrived damaged, ATB database tweaked

Jan 17th Saturday

I woke up from dreaming that I was working on the QA database, that is very depressing. I see MS access databases in my dreams, Damn. I came downstairs and got some coffee and worked on Java homework all day while Metalocalypse/ATHF DVDs played and Penni napped. I submitted a months worth of homework. I cooked spaghetti for Penni for dinner and I snacked on popcorn and Wheatsworth crackers. I uploaded a 70 second clip of Davey All-Star up Facebook. It was better formatted with Kino, the file was 9MB.

Jan 16th Friday

I started on the second tab of the QA database rebuild. I am using a function that will only select a power-user-specified number of records to prevent users from swamping the SQL server. I ate lunch with the usual crew at Salsaritas. I tweaked the credit processing database alpha split and met with with managers of the legal department about installing PDF Creator for the telecommuters. The replacement AKEA coffee table package arrived and a huge ding on the table top. We are tired of calling AKEA so we will just live with it. We assembled it and crashed at 11pm.

Jan 15th Thursday

Penni called and canceled the cable. This will be good for us, especially during my Java class. The old practice test EXE files from TrainerSoft will not work for the telecommuters through Citrix. I walked a lap at lunch it was cold and windy all day. I showed the manager of the Variance department how to create link table to the variance SQL database. I went to Practice. We ran through the set. Scott was going crazy because of his guitar tone. He needs his 400 watt Carvin head to sound like his 150 watt Marshall Combo. He was literally beating his head against the wall. I just practiced para-diddles on a towel and waited for his mental illness to pass.

Jan 14th Wednesday

I tweaked the ATB database for two new hospitals. I ate Nikos for lunch with the usual crew. I took a walk during my break. A UPS guy stopped by and picked up the box of messed up AKEA parts. I went to practice and we reworked the intro for the Legal song. I left practice late. Penni was really mad.

Jan 12th Monday

I ate lunch at ShowMars with the crew. I worked on the QA rebuild stuff. My homie Kursty was out sick. I started my online Java class. Scott was late sending me a terrible flier to scale for printing. I took my Linux laptop to the Practice space and We worked on fixing it all night. Later printed out at Kinkos and then I came home and crashed.

Jan 11th Sunday

Our coffee maker burnt out. Penni and I went to target and bought a new one. There was mis-communication between Penni and her parents, thus we were 45 minutes late for lunch at Rock Bottom. Penni's parents and sister was there. Her sister made us a cake. I went to practice and Ryan and Danny stopped by and we played a mini set for them. I came home, watched Drinky Crow and crashed.

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