Saturday, January 24, 2009

Cracked Bloody Thumb, Cheap Studio Monitors, Sucky King Crab, Obama Inauguration and ADOrs.CursorLocation = adUseClient

Jan 24th Saturday

I woke up freezing this morning. Penni had all the blankets and would not stop pulling them back. Later she said that I mumbled " Give me some covers, You Monster" in my sleep. I finally got up an 11am. Penni said she did not sleep good. she napped on the couch with her dog while I drank coffee, ate popcorn, and finished/submitted some Java homework as ATHF DVDs played.

Jan 23rd Friday

Someone stole my coworkers cell phone and another employee's wallet at work. Someone tried to use the stole wallet's CVS card and the store got video footage of the checkout. Strangely the store showed a picture of person to a CHS manager. Usually Stores only communicate that information to the police, so angry victims do not confront the perps and get their heads blown off. The manager was unable to ID the person from the photo.

I am basically finished with the QA tab of the QA Database rebuild. I checked out the previous database's import functions, it was a list of chained macros that ran queries and other macros. It is impossible to debug/move so i am starting from scratch. I am going to try to validate the import files without pulling it into a local table and avoid blowing up the database file size.

After work Penni and I went to the McCormick and Smitts by South Park Mall. They have "King Crab (from Dutch Harbor catch by the S.S. So-And-So, featured on The Discovery Channel's Worlds Deadliest Catch" on the menu. Penni got it. It was not great. I got the Salmon Penne and it was also not great, money well spent. After dinner we went to the target and bought scrabble. Penni said she was a scrabble master. I slayed her by 66 points. We crashed early at midnight.
Jan 22nd Thursday

I showed the SysAdmin my ADO recordset issues and he showed me this weird "ADOrs.CursorLocation = adUseClient" property that made the form editable. Awesomeness! the changes are instantly written to the SQL tables. I ate lunch at Miguel's and picked up the check for the sysAdmin (that ADOrs crap was driving me insane). I took the van to the practice space. We ran through the set and moved some stuff around to make room for the new cheap monitors.
Jan 21st Wednesday

I was having trouble updating an access form bound to an ADO record set. I worked on it for hours. I ate Niko’s for lunch. After work, I went to the practice space. I went to Sam Ash with Scott in the middle of practice for new strings and cheap studio monitors. My right thumb cracked and bled from not playing hard for a month during recording. I played some GodheadSilo for Scott in the car.
Jan 20th Tuesday

There was a lot of snow and ice that morning so I drove Penni to work. My boss was out on PTO. We sat up a TV in the break room so everyone could watch the presidential inauguration. Black President Y'all, R0X0RZ! After work I picked up Penni and we went to Penni’s parent house to eat tacos / set up there a new router for Penni's dad.
Jan 19th Monday

Slow day, I walked during my break and ate Niko's for lunch with the break room crew. I came home and downloaded some podcasts. I made the bed, shower and went to practice early. We ran through the set three times and I washed my nasty practice clothes in the sink and hung them on some boxes, There was no snow outside yet.

Jan 18th Sunday

I created the QA errors sub-form part of the QA Database rebuild. Everyone was excited about the predicted snow tomorrow Penni called me two times at practice asking about me driving her to work in the predicted snow.


Anonymous said...

Hey Brian,

Thanks for putting these crappy old songs on here. They are fun to listen to. I wanted to tell you that my 9 year old son took his old laptop and deleted windows off of it and installed Umbuntu all by himself. I was so proud. It was like him winning a trophy or something. I voted for McCain by the way, so I cancelled out your vote ha ha....again. Are you taking college classes for I.T.? I see sometimes you talk about tests about computer stuff.

Ryan Schaber

bgryderclock said...

That is Awesome!!1 High five your kid for me. Yeah, I'm taking some online class for programming at CPCC. Work is paying for it.

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