Sunday, February 1, 2009

Gig at the Alley Cat, QA Database Imports, soldering the BleepLabs Kit, SquidBillies and Drawn Together DVDs

Jan 31 Saturday

I woke up late, had coffee and got the house ready for my family's visit. My Dad brought down a spare tire for the van. We went to cheesecake factory. there was a thirty minute wait. My mom/dad were drinking and cutting up. The Manager came over to check on us, it was a little embarrassing. After dinner everyone came back to my house for coffee and scrabble. I won. Later, I download a lot of Simpson's episodes FLV files from the site.

Jan 30 Friday

I finished the BO import function and added a neat wizard-based MS office chart control to the QA database rebuild. It works great with the "Views" that are setup on the SQL server. I made a card for Traci's birthday, bought my mom a VCR/DVD player combo and two Neil Diamond "Live in Concert" DVDs. I bought a used Drawn Together too. DVD I played scrabble with Penni and she won. Penni said we are going to start saving the scrabble scores and add them up and see who is the long-term winner. Penni's dad lost his job due to his company closing down. She was pretty upset.

Jan 29 Thursday

I worked on the Business Objects import and created an import log function. The Manager of QA called and asked for it to be finished Feb 15th. I said it is possible but I cannot write it in stone. I can get pull off it and assigned to a different project for my boss in a second. I ate lunch with the usual crew at Salsaritas. I fixed the manager of the Correspondence Department's printer. I went to the practice space and soldered on the worked on BleepLabs kit while Scott worked on mixing. I powered the kit up. The sound and one of the LED antennas things to work. Success!

Jan 28 Wednesday

I finished the STAR import and tested it on fifteen different files. The imports ran really fast. I emailed some screen-shots of the times and quantities of claims to my boss & Manager of the QA department. Everyone was happy. I ate Nikos for lunch with the usual crew and started working on the QA Database rebuild Business Objects import function. Penni texted me. She was about upset about her coworkers giving her grief over evacuating her residents for a fire drill.

I went to the blood drive across the street and there was a long wait. The guy in the chair before me had his needle pop out and bled all over the chair and floor. Comedy! The hematologist seemed a little frazzled. she cleaned up the chair and i went next with no problems.

I went to the practice space took my BleepLabs kits and soldering kit. I worked on it while Scott mixed the last recording and removed a lot of copied octave parts. They sound great in quiet parts but make the tremble of the guitar distortion sound static-y.

Jan 27 Tuesday

I worked all day on the new QA database STAR file import function. I am making it display the number of records and total lapsed time fir imports. That way the database can "defend itself" if a user calls it slow. I still have a blister on my foot from walking outside during a breaks with dress shoes on.

I uploaded video clips of the Alley Cat gig and a clip Scott of throwing a chair at me in the hallway of practice space. Good Times. The SquidBillies DVD that I bought on eBay arrived. Penni and I ordered a pizza and watched it, while I upload the pictures that Penni took at the gig and sent them to Scott to post on Penni took great picture, I did not have to edit any of them.

Jan 26 Monday

My department went to the CHS Arts and Science counsel meeting and all had Niko's for lunch. I worked late remoting into a legal department telecommuter PC to install PDFCreator. I went to the practice space and we sat to the gear from the show. We also hooked up the cheap mixing monitors.

Jan 25 Sunday

I slept late, bought Bojangles for breakfast and went to the space to get ready for the gig at the alley cat. We loaded up the van and went to the venue. It is a huge place but has no load in ramps. We had to carry all the 8 by 10 cabs and gear up a flight of stairs. fun fun fun. We played, got paid and split. I hurt my shoulder unloading the cabs at the practice space. (I am soo out of shape from recording/mixing...) Penni took some good video and pictures at the gig. And she taped American Dad for me when she got home. She is so amazing!

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