Sunday, February 8, 2009

Zombie ADO recordset fixed with cursortype=aduseclient, DVD::RIP settings, bass drum line on Blood Ocean, KDE 4.2, and Mangione's sucks

Feb 7 Saturday

Woke up late, went with Penni to the knitting store, bought some Pocky and went to meet her friend for lunch at Quiznos . We were a little lost and my buddy Scott googled up some directions there, quality guy. We came home and i worked on some Java homework while Penni napped. She woke up, I made some more coffee and we played scrabble. I won. I ate about 5 boxes of Pocky with coffee, then cooked Penni some spaghetti, I test ripped some DVDs with DVD::RIP on the LinuxLappy to check out the different in quality with the different settings. I Called chuck in Japan and we talked for about an hour on Skype. He is doing well, the classes are hard but he is worked hard and making progress.

Feb 6 Friday

I accidentally brought Penni's keys to work with me. I had to run them home for her around 9am. My boss emailed everyone to get the total hours the Special Projects team has automated for 2008. The sysadmin has racked up many hours with Boston Workstation. My power user buddy needs to report the total hours automated by my Medicaid web tool. There was an email about the small claims database import file having unavailable information from STAR. My Boss hopped on the chain, and the AVPs and executives were copied on it. We are going to wait for the bug in STAR that is denying us the data to be fixed before proceeding with the development of the small claims database. I still working on the QA database reporting, sick of programming excel to format ADO Recordsets to look like MS Access report; lots cell formatting, lots of counting loops while incrementing down the spreadsheet. I need to find a 3rd party plug-in to do this...

I ate a quick chicken pita for lunch at Niko's and walked around the loop during lunch, listening to Dethklok. (Yes still on Dethklok. The bass drum line of Blood Ocean is amazing, He switches back and forth from a 4/4 16th note pattern to a double triplet (24th note) pattern. awesomeness.

Penni and I played Scrabble and Penni won. I am so proud of her.

Feb 5 Thursday

I worked on the reporting for the new QA database all day. I ate lunch with my homey Tzoua and the sysAdmin at Miguel's and nerded out with Database/Programming talk. After work, I called Scott, he wanted to buy a vocal mike and record vocals super late at night so I let him have the practice space to himself. I stayed in and played scrabble with Penni and won.

Feb 4 Wednesday

It snowed! I checked the News and there were a lot of wrecks due to ice on the road, so I drove Penni to work. I worked on handling some new financial codes in the ATB database and formatting Excel reports from the new QA database. I ate Nikos for lunch. There was no practice. Scott wanted to do a late night solo vocal recording session. I downloaded a KDE 4.2 preview live CD, It was pretty good. KDE gets a bad wrap so I posted a compliment to the KDE forum. Chuck called, he is doing well in Japan.

Feb 3 Tuesday

I worked on the productivity reporting for the QA Database rebuild. My homey Kursty had a weird pink splotch on her head. I tried to fix Penni's dad's router but there was a weird issue with his Cisco resetting to 192.168.0.XXX instead of 1.XXX. We ate dinner at Mangione's. The calamari was OK but the rest of the food was terrible. Later I beat Penni in scrabble.

Feb 2 Monday

I added an import log to the QA database and worked on a weird "zombie object" ADO error that popped up. I fixed it with the ADO.cursortype = aduseclient. I ate Nikos with the crew. I met with the manager of the QA department and the QA power user about the qa database reporting. I went to the bank after work and then out for groceries with Penni. There was no practice because Scott and his friend needed to vote on some animal cruelty bill in Rock Hill, quality guy. Penni and i stayed home and played scrabble. I won. We watched SquidBillies and ATHF.

Feb 1 Sunday

Penni had to work at the retirement home for a super bowl party. I watched some Simpson FLV files and went to the hardware store for wires and drill bits. I drilled the holes for the case of the BleepLabs Thingamakit. Penni taped American Dad for me and was asleep when I got home. I watched more Simpson files in bed before crashing at 2am.

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