Sunday, February 15, 2009

Black Hole by Charles Burns, Jury Duty, Valentines Day, Custom Strings for WHERE clauses and My Systolic blood pressure

Feb 14 Saturday

Woke up early, Penni had stomach problems and was up all night. I had some coffee and worked on Java homework all day. Penni and I went out and bought groceries and returned a RedBox movie. As we passed the Cheese Cake factory Penni said she saw a few hundred people waiting outside, that is pretty insane. The Cheese Cake factory is really overrated. We returned home and I had a frozen pizza and a salad. Penni called the police on our neighbors for playing music too loud at midnight. She said it was loud in front of the townhouse too. I can sleep with low bass bleeding through the walls but Penni cannot.

Feb 13 Friday

I woke up early and remotely logged into my work email to change my out of office message for one more day. I went to the second day of jury duty. During a break, I called the flower shop and sent Penni some pink roses for Valentines Day. At lunch I grabbed another turkey burger from the courthouse cafeteria and walked to Target to get a Stephen King book. It was a long walk but i made it back in time. We returned a guilty vertict. We got out later than the judge estimated, around 3:30pm and I had to cancel my dentist appointment.

What I learned from my peers through the jury selection/deliberation process:

50% of all people, Black, White, Male, Female, Young, Old, Rich and Poor, are completely insane. If you are ever forced to be judged by your peers, Good Luck!

On the way home from the courthouse, I bought a headphone to RCA cable to hook up the server audio to the TV. Penni got me a card and took me out to dinner at Bentleys on 27th for Valentines day, It was great. I gave Penni a box set of the X files. I moved the server out of the TV stand and sat it up behind the TV. It runs cooler there but it is a little louder.

Feb 12 Thursday

I went to jury duty at 8am. While I was waiting, I read a black and while graphic novel called Black Hole by Charles Burns. It was great. I plowed through it in about 4 hours. It covered the dark alienating hormone-driven weirdness of been a teenager. There was a lot of loneliness, drug-use, suicides, and a sexually transmitted disease that turns people into deformed freaks. It was amazing. It made me thankful that I survived those teenage years. A lot of kids are not so lucky. I need to find some more Charles Burns books.

I ate a turkey burger from the courtroom cafeteria and then walked from the courthouse to the main bus terminal, looking for a book store. I was selected to set in a jury on a criminal case. Whee. When I got home, the VGA to RCA converter I order arrived. I hooked it up to the TV/server and put the server in the TV stand. There was not enough room for the computer to get cool air with the door closed. I copied some Media onto the server and tried it out. Penni was impressed. I had a salad for dinner and crashed early.

Feb 11 Wednesday

I ate at Showmars with the usual crew and brought lunch back to my homie Tzoua. She was stuck at her desk covering reports for Niki. I ran a couple reports for her and emailed them off to help out. I added a Manage Users tab to the QA database. The database is finally ready for testing. I bought a book for jury duty/waiting tomorrow and I rented a Family Guy from the Redbox. There was no Practice while Scott battled with recording vocals. Scott and Jessica are officially dating now. I made a salad for dinner and took a nap with Penni. I woke up, made some coffee and beat Penni in scrabble.

Feb 10 Tuesday

I added a custom select statement ComboBox to the Pull Raw Data function. it allows the user to type in a custom "columnName='filter'" string that adds a where clause to the SQL statement that query the information. The strings can be saved to a local table with the press of a button, and are editable.

I walked a lap during lunch and listened to Portishead. I went to the grocery store bought stuff for ground turkey tacos. Penni Cooked the meat and shells while I showered. I ate them all and then took a long nap on the couch. I woke up and played Penni in scrabble. She won. I researched Photo Theremins and crashed early.
Feb 9 Monday

I went to my doctor for a check up. My systolic blood pressure was 90. It need to be lower. I blame it on the setting around that I have to do while Scott is mixing at the practice space (and been a weak gluttonous pig). I plan on seriously working on it. I went in to work and walked a lap during lunch. I wrote a function to pull raw data in the QA database. I went to practice and we ran through a few song. Scott and Jessica are an item now. Aww. I was feeling kinda weird/medicated from the exercising/not eating as much sugar as usual and crashed early.

Feb 8 Sunday

I slept late, played scrabble, ordered a VGA to RCA converter, and went to the practice space for solo practice. Scott stopped by for a while. Scott was bagging on Robert Smith. For some strange reason I have a soft spot for the guy. I remember buying the single to "High" as a little kid. At the space, I worked on the bass drum line for Mermaider and blood ocean with a click and my ipod. I need better beater control. I finished up the BleepLabs kit and came I picked up cookies and a salad on the way home from the practice space. I watched a new king of the hill more Simpson FLV files in bed.

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