Saturday, March 7, 2009

A Big Snow, A Fried Router, My VBA Knol, DB Rollouts, and Entering Data into STAR with Access


March 7th Saturday

I woke up at 11am. I had some coffee/cookies and worked on my Google knol ( Penni and I went to the mall to return some stuff she ordered online. The mall seems to be getting dumber and dumber as more intelligent busy people are shopping online. We were invited to go to Celebration Station with Scott, Jessica, Ricky, and Trish. We checked it out and decided to just do sushi 101 instead. After dinner we played scrabble and Penni won. Penni set the clocks for daylight savings time and crashed early.

March 6th Friday

I worked on a database to show what I can do with the new "Input-Characters-to-STAR" function. The Manager of QA called and wanted to roll out the new QA database that Friday. I took a quick lunch, walked a lap, loaded up the SQL server the live data and rolled it out at 2pm. The supervisor for QA found a debug where the department combobox was not jumping to the correct records on key presses ("B" to jump to "Billing" .. etc). I tweaked the OnCurrect event and fixed the bug before 4pm. After work Penni and I went to her parents house to hook up her dads router. We then went to the grocery store, came home and cooked a frozen pizza for dinner. Penni knitted and napped. and I finished some JAVA homework and played the "WORLD OF GOO" demo on the Linux Laptop. I finished the game at 3am, it was awesome. I should buy the whole game.

March 5th Thursday

I ate lunch with the usual crew at ShowMars, I paid for Miss A, she always grabs the tip when have no ones. I loaned her the Squidbillies DVD. I took a short walk after lunch. I figured out how to input characters into STAR. This is a big Deal, It creates a LOT of automation possibility. It felt really good. I bought pennis dad a new router. His Linksys/Cisco router was acting really weird. I went to practice and work on java homework while Scott mixed.

March 4th Wednesday

I remoted into the CMC-Union Billing Department manager's PC with GoToMeeting and talked with her about deploying a Rebill Database. I rolled out the 2821 Letter Worklist Database to the users. I was pulled into a RightFax meeting and wrote up some OSRs for access for the RAC audit team. I went to a late lunch and walked a lap. Scott called off practice. I watched an X files episode with Penni, I think I drove her crazy. I cannot help but talk to/through cheese Sci-Fi. I installed KDE, LXDE, Fluxbox, and XFCE with only one synaptic upgrade on my main laptop and somehow uninstalled my network manager. I fixed it by copying the deb packages from with a flash drive.
March 3rd Tuesday

I emailed the power user for the Credit Processing Department to meet and review the new 2821 Letter Worklist Database. I updated the ATB database and fixed a huge employee move OSR . I ate lunch with my homie Miss A at ShowMars. I felt a little weird after lunch, so I took a break and went out for short walk in the cold. I felt better afterwards. The Sysadmin was pulled in a late meeting so I covered part of the afternoon electronic billing. On the way home, I picked up a pizza and cookies. Penni and I dropped off a PC with Edubuntu at Penni's parent house. Later, we watched a new Sponge Bob episode called "The Big One". It was awkwardly written and edited with weirdly random dialog. It is probably getting canceled and this episode was the bottom of the barrel. I ate way too much pizza for dinner and felt terrible.

March 2nd Monday

It snowed hard last night. My boss called at 6am and let me know the office was opening at
noon. Penni stayed home, knitted and shopped online all day. Our home router was fried when the power blinked off. I bought a new router at best buy on the way to practice. Scott called in late for practice so I worked on Parradiddles to KMFDM. I showed Scott the Unknown Henson extra on the Squidbillies DVD on my laptop. He liked the New Rita's Gift Logo (the bunny on a Big Wheel) that jokingly hacked together. He mixed and I worked on the DIY kill switch pedal. After practice I stayed up and configured the new router. I crashed around 1am.

March 1st Sunday

I woke up late and installed Edubuntu of an very old 128mb 250mhz PC for Penni's Nephew. It is very slow but works good enough for pre-K games. Penni and I played scrabble, I won. It started snowing very hard. I called Scott and cancelled practice. The power blinked off for a second and the Internet was down all night. I watched some Simpson FLVs files on my laptop in bed and crashed early.

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