Sunday, March 15, 2009

Bought the World of Goo game, QA Database Rollout/Fixes, OpenOffice.Org appears in CHS, and No I don't want your Dick's Sporting Good Score Card.

March 14th Saturday

Woke up late, had cookies and coffee for breakfast/lunch, watched a lot of American Dad episodes, played Scrabble with Penni and won. We went shopping for Penni's clothes and more DIY stomp box switch parts. We met Penni's friend from Twitter Erica and her boyfriend Evan for dinner at Cabo Fish Taco. They were cool, we all talked about external hard drive problems. Penni said "Stop talking Computers, I can't understand any of you!", it was adorable. We got home and Penni napped on the Couch and finally went to bed at 3am. I stayed up to 5am and beat the World of Goo Game. (This is why don't own any game systems!)

March 13th Friday

It was rainy all day, I ate lunch at Miguel's with the usual crew. I took the New QA Database offline for about 30 minutes after lunch. I added fixes to catch Print shortcut keys and to display a better message when the ADO Recordset mysteriously refreshes. The database now jump back to the record that the users were working before the refresh event. This is the biggest database (coding and number of users) that I ever rolled out. Having the all the data in a SQL server instead of huge local tables made the it run a lot faster. I was able to create "Debug Versions" of the database that specific users could be productive in and generate useful error messages. At the end of the day I put together the Month End Reports PDF files, published them on SharePoint, and sent out the notifications.

After work Penni and I watched the "Step Brothers" movie, it was OK, generic Will Ferrell crap, Nothing that will you any smarter or change your like. I noticed that the LinuxTVserver harddrive is getting full. I researching setting up a external usb drive that will stay mounting as read/write. I have been running Linux for ages and i should have that memorized by now, oh well.

March 12th Thursday

I added some code to the QA database to handle a weird ADO Data Provider Error in FORM_OnError event (Hurray for Response=acDataErrContinue!). This is the first time I have used that form event. I need to add that code to my Google knol. I ate lunch with the usual crew at ShowMars and had a salad. I took a walk outside during my short break. I found out that my company's information support department is testing with their Project Managers. They are hoping to cut licensing costs with the free open source application, Hell has Frozen over! Woo!

There was no band practice because Scott was at the beach with his girlfriend. I bought the full World of Goo game. This is the first game that I have bought for Linux. The purchase was very simple, Their site linked me to a PayPal page, I clicked submit, a link to a DEB file was sent to me 10 seconds later.

I looked up open office's version of VBA. It is called "Basic" (exciting huh?). On the surface it is exactly like VBA, but deeper there are some weird "Universal Network Object" stuff (Obj = createUnoService("") I need to look for some books on that stuff...

March 11th Wednesday

I found some code sample to jump to the previous record when the QA ON_Error Event hits. (DoCmd.FindRecord strFind, acAnywhere, , acSearchAll, , acAll) I just have to catch capture the Previous AccountNumber that the User was on before the mysterious ADO refresh happened. At Practice we played the full sweaty set.

March 10th Tuesday

I worked on the "QA data provider n/a" issue all day. I worked an on_error event to deal with it. My boss called my Send Input to STAR function "Splitting the Atom" in a meeting with Executives and VPs. That was pretty funny.

If I heard a Support Analyst was splitting Atoms in a business park by the Charlotte Douglas Airport, I would quickly pack and drive toward the west coast as quick as possible.

I walked a lap at lunch and took a short walk during my 15 min break. After work I bought some low profile ankle weighs at a Dicks sporting goods. The guy at the register was pushing the score card really hard, it was super creepy. He probably gets off on it. I remember doing weird stuff like that to pass the time when I was a kid working a crappy retail job. I need to think of some nice one-liners to shut that down.
"Really?... Can your Score club Membership Card bring my daughter back to life? No?... *(Rub eyes and sigh deeply.) Credit, Please..."

Later I ordered a pizza for Penni and had salsa and chips for sinner. My sister emailed me that Ani Difranco was in town this week. I told Penni and she was not too excited about it. I submitted some JAVA homework and we played scrabble. She quit in the middle of the game, I don't know why, she was not that far behind. It was weird. I has expecting some huge argument to pop up, but none did. Oh well.

March 9th Monday

Daylights savings time messed up the coffee timer this Morning. (Curses!) The QA database rolled out. There was a tiny issue with the "SQL" file import. I found an easy temp work around it. The whole day was pretty stressful. I accidentally worked through lunch because of all the Database stuff. I ate a late lunch at Niko's and read a little more of the Stephen king book from Jury duty. I walked around outside during a short break. It was warm outside. I Showed my boss my write to star stuff. He liked it a lot.

I went to practice. The band next door was rocking out and we couldn't do demo mixing stuff so we ran through the full sweaty set. I got home early was really tired. I downloaded an Elton john's Greatest hits album from, burned it for Penni and I crashed early.

March 8th Sunday

I woke up at noon. I stayed up too ate playing with and I worked on some JAVA home work and played scrabble with Penni and won. I went to practice and played a little of the set and worked on the new drag part. We added a mean echo-y electronic part to it. I washed my sweaty practice clothes in the sink and came home. I ate a giant (whole head of lettuce) salad and crashed early.

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