Sunday, March 1, 2009

Credit Processing's 2821 Letter Worklist Database thingy, Insane waitress at Frankie's, Sushi 101's satanic basil shrimp and Kpersonalizer gone in 4.2

Feb 28th Saturday

It was raining all day. Penni woke me up early to go to H&R block for our taxes. Then we went to a store on Central to for Penni's incense stuff and then to Cabo fish taco for lunch. Penni wanted the waitress's boots, so we went to a shoe store to find them (Wifed!). We also went to go to a radio shack to buy a project enclosure to make a double line kill switch for Scott's rig. Later we had coffee, played scrabble, watched the squid-billies DVDs that I ripped to the linuxTVserver and crashed around 1 am.

Feb 27th Friday

It was rainy all day. I worked on the 2821 productivity database reports all day. I was looking for a easy way to combine a local DAO recordsets and a ADO recordsets from the SQL server to sort and push out to excel. (rs1 + rs2 = rs3) I could not find a quick and easy way to do it. I ended up writing the DAO recordset to rows 1 to X and writing the ADO recordset to X+1 through the X + recordcount. I ate lunch at Salsaritas with the whole Special Projects crew. I talked to a project manager about a badly written OSR to move around a bunch of PFS Specialists. After work I made some reservation, showered and ate dinner at Frankie's with Penni.

At the restaurant the waitress kept saying "Awl Riiight"

How is the calamari? It was good... AWL RIIIGHT! Did you have Diet or regular? Diet please.. AWL RIIIGHT!

She sounded totally insane. After dinner we played scrabble, I won. I worked on java homework, watched some new family guys and tried to run Kpersonalizer in 4.2, but Kpersonalizer is gone, Why? Kpersonalizer was a great way to quickly turn the desktop eye-candy all the way up or all the way off. There was a thread in the forums that There is a "Welcome Widget" in development that will replace it in KDE 4.3... SuX0rz!!!1 >:( Penni and I finally crashed around 3am.

Feb 26th Thursday

I fixed the issue with the ErrorEmployee field in the QA database. The field was bound to the full employee name but the record from the SQL server was the Employee ID, thus the field was blank because the record was not in the combobox's list. I talked to the QA power user and manager about a work around. I changed the combobox list to employee IDs and added a hyperlinked "?" beside the field that to show "User ID: LastName, FirstName" on the click event. I went to an I.S. appreciation luncheon and later that day We had a Department meeting at Nikos with my boss and boss's boss. They were discussing stopping PA employee "Hand Holding" to focus on Application Development. I left work late so i texted Scott and got to the space later. We worked on mixing and left early because Scott was tired. Later at home, Penni and I watched family Guy. Penni crashed but I stayed up and worked on java homework. Eclipse is really great for generating correct getter/setter syntax. I post a thread in the online Java class about the SourceForge RoboCode Project.

Feb 25th Wednesday

I met with my Boss and the supervisor for Credit Processing to show them the rough draft of the 2821 letter Worklist database. They gave me a small list of feature requests. My homie Miss A was out sick. I walked a lap during lunch. I found a issue with the QA database rebuild with the ErrorEmployee combobox showing no user ID. I went to practice and we worked on mixing all night.

Feb 24th Tuesday

I worked on the 2821 Worklist database's sorting and printing all day. I walked a lap at lunch listening to the Anti-Mother album. The STAR Itemized Bill printing and E-collect were down all day. I called my sister to check on her Windows XP virus that popped up last week. I have not heard back from her so she is probably OK. I called Scott to check on his progress on recording vocals. I was kinda bummed out so I listened to the RadioHead Kid A album driving home. ("How to disappear completely" is freakin' awesome!) I took a shower and went to Sushi 101 with Penni. I had the Basil shrimp, it was terrible, hellishly-too-spicy, torture! After dinner we went to the grocery store. Penni wanted some pimento cheese and humus (Gross). We watched family guy and drank coffee. I worked on customizing the KDE 4.2 laptops colors, panels, and icons.

Feb 23rd Monday

I worked on 2821 Worklist database all day by 4pm I had the gut's of the application pulled together. I wrote a function to open a CSV file as ADO recordset, it's cleaner that the "docmd.transfer text" thing or manually coding to delimiting fields. SSI Hot key and Star Itemized bill printing went down. I walked a lap during lunch and later. Scott called, he wanted to work on vocals solo so no practice for me. I picked up cookies from Harris teeter on that way home. I ate a big salad/chips and salsa for dinner and later and later cookies and coffee. Penni had some spaghetti and started knitting a vest. She is knitting a lot. I worked on the old Lappy KDE 4.2 install. I added an auto-start event to get KnetworkManager started on log-in.

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